How to restore your services after Vacation Mode

Welcome back!

BroadStar is looking forward to the return of our seasonal residents. If you took advantage of BroadStar’s Vacation Mode earlier this year, our website makes it easy to submit your request to restore your services for your return. Submit your request prior to your return at We’ll send you a confirmation.


Here are a few tips to get you back up and running upon your return:

Reactivating your Digital Cable service:

  • Verify that the TV and digital receivers are plugged into the cable source (wall plate) and a power source, then turn them on.
  • Verify the TV’s input is set to the correct source (typically HDMI1 or HDMI2).
  • Press INPUT or SOURCE on your TV remote (not the DISH remote provided by BroadStar) to select the correct input source.

If your digital receivers have been unplugged during your absence, please contact Customer Service to refresh the signal to your equipment. It is very important that the equipment is powered on to receive the signal. Our Customer Service representatives will assist you through the set up process and then your digital receiver will go through a series of steps in order to reactivate the signal. This process may take time but will not require your interaction during the update. If the equipment fails to update, a technician may need to be dispatched to your home to perform additional services, however, the majority of reactivations are successfully completed over the phone.

Reactivating your Internet service:

  • Verify that the Cable Modem (if applicable) in your home is plugged into the cable source (wall plate) and a power source and it will automatically boot up.
  • For establishing a wireless connection on any new devices (such as new smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. that have not yet been set up in your home), you will need to configure your wireless network settings on those devices.
    • Select the corresponding network name from the list of available networks on your device’s network settings
    • Enter your network security code in the password field.
    • If you cannot recall your password, contact Customer Service for assistance.


Restarting your billing:

  • Billing will automatically restart on the return date specified in your Vacation Mode request at the end of last season.
    • If your return date has changed, please notify Customer Service to avoid being billed for dates in which you are not utilizing the service.
  • Have you signed up for Online Bill Pay? We’ll send you an email each month when your bill is ready and you can sign in to pay online each month and even set up your account on autopay. It’s quick, easy and free!

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See you soon!