The Future is Fiber with BroadStar for communities!

BroadStar specializes in delivering Internet, Cable TV, and Phone services via Fiber Technology to multi-family communities such as apartments, condominiums, homeowners associations, gated communities, and more.

With BroadStar, your residents will enjoy these great features:

Fiber Upgrade
Fiber Optic installation with the latest technology.

Gig Speed Internet
Up to 1,000 Mbps for every unit.

Wifi service
Wireless Router installed in every unit.

HD Digital Cable
TV package with a customized channel lineup.

Smart TV
BroadStar's receiver turns every TV into a smart TV.

Thousands of titles at home and on the go.

Why fiber is "Future-Proof"

A single strand of fiber has the ability to process over 1,000 Mbps with the current electronics in the marketplace today. As the demand for bandwidth grows, BroadStar's Fiber to the Home service will handle thousands and even millions of times more data necessary for the Internet of the future.

If you are a Property Manager, Owner, Developer, or board member, learn more about BroadStar's Fiber to the Home service.