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5 Ways BroadStar will help you!

  • 1. Stressed out from dealing with the local cable company and their one-size-fits-all approach?

    Relax! BroadStar has you covered! Even if you live within the footprint of one of the local cable companies, you have a choice as to who utilizies your community's private property! Choose a provider who meet the demands and budget of YOUR community.

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  • 2. Future-Proof your Community's Communication & Entertainment Systems

    BroadStar will invest in your community with a Fiber Optic upgrade to your existing infrastructure. Meet current and future telecommunications demands and deliver the services your residents have come to expect.

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  • 3. Get Rid of Unsightly Dishes

    BroadStar's cable TV system provides services to ALL the residences within the community - no need for individual dishes. We'll give you the tools and incentives to enforce your property's dish policies regarding safety and aesthetics as permitted by the FCC.

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  • 4. Deliver Attractive Amenities to your Residents

    BroadStar delivers the Fastest Internet and the MOST HD on TV - amenities that are sure to please residents within your community.

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  • 5. Customize Products and Service for your Community

    BroadStar offers you the flexibility that the other providers just cannot deliver - customizable products and services.

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Deliver Attractive Amenities to your Community

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Future-Proof your Community with BroadStar's Fiber Optics

Your current service provider is operating on an outdated, coaxial hard line cable plant. This outdated cable plant has bandwidth limitations on the communications services - limiting YOUR community from enjoying blazing fast Internet speeds for online gaming, streaming and other upgraded features like high definition channels. Choose BroadStar and we'll invest in your community by deploying a Fiber Optic infrastructure!

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