Apartment Managers & Owners: You have the right to restrict satellite dishes on your property!

Individual satellite dishes sprinkled hap-hazardly across the facade of your well-maintained building present an eyesore. There's nothing aesthetically pleasing about satellite dishes bent in awkward angles baring exposed wiring and hanging off of your building's balconies or rooftops. Also, when installed improperly, they're the culprit of liability and property damage you cannot afford. There are many factors to consider when installing a satellite dish such as improper grounding, wind stability, line of sight issues, and of course, the consequences you might face with drilling holes into your buildings. Do you want to trust renters with the responsibility to oversee proper installation, maintenance and removal when their lease terms ends?

BroadStar will deliver an appealing alternative to individual resident satellite dishes.

With over 285 digital channels, 200+ HD channels, DVR, premiums, sports, pay-per-view and video on demand, our system will enable the entire community to subscribe to the same services and packages residents are accustomed to receiving, no matter where on your property they're located and without the need for individual satellite dishes. Plus, if BroadStar is exclusive at your property, no other provider is allowed to install dishes without our mutual consent.

Say goodbye to individual satellite dishes at your property!
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