Your Current Provider Operates on an Outdated Cable Plant!

Many multi-family communities, such as condominium associations, apartment buildings, student housing and gated communities are working with incumbent cable operators on aged coaxial hard line cable plants. These outdated cable plants have specific bandwidth limitations on the communication services operating on the system. Those limitations prevent the delivery of the latest and FUTURE technologies such as increasingly fast Internet speeds, High Definition content, 3D television, streaming online video and gaming in 3D.

Future-Proof with BroadStar's Fiber at No Cost to You!

At a BroadStar community, a fiber optic infrastructure is deployed that has the ability to deliver the latest technology plus the future advancements that residents will come to expect from their TV and Internet services provider. A single strand of fiber has the ability to process up to 1,000 megabits per second with the current electronics in the marketplace today. As the need for additional bandwidth increases, the equipment on both sides of the fiber is upgraded to meet the demand. There’s no need to dig up the fiber optic cabling once it is installed, ensuring a future-proof solution!

BroadStar delivers the MOST HD (over 200 HD channels and counting!) and BLAZING FAST Internet with a Future-Proof Fiber Optic solution!

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